Welland Rose City Legion Br. 4         
We Will Remember

2017 Events & Notice's

The Ministry of Canadian Heritage is pleased to announce that

the Welland Legion has been approved for a grant of $650.00

The grant funding will help our Legion carry out it’s activities, under

the Celebration and Commemoration Program, Celebrate Canada

Component. The Ministry of Canadian Heritage would like to take

this opportunity to wish the Welland Legion and it’s members the

greatest success in our endeavours.

New Horizons for Seniors

The Welland Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion is pleased to

announce that it has been awarded a grant of $24,400, under the

Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors program, for its

Keystone Seniors Do It. This funding will allow us to continue to

off events to increase the social participation of all seniors in the

Welland community. Members of the Welland Legion work diligently for

all seniors expecting nothing in return except the satisfaction of making

a difference. For information on events for Seniors at the Welland

Legion, please call 905-734-3611.